South Carolina High School Credential Coursework and Assessments

The course of study that leads to the South Carolina High School Credential includes:

  • 4 English
  • 4 Math
  • 2 Science
  • 2 Social studies
  • 4 Employability Education
  • 1 PE / Health (or equivalent)
  • 1 Technology
  • 6 Electives

The Student Career Portfolio is designed to be an on-going assessment of the student’s progress through the South Carolina Credential.

The SKEMA-SC is an assessment that will demonstrate the student’s acquisition of general employability skills necessary for competitive employment.

State Adopted Supplemental Materials Information & Resources

Employability I- Career Awareness

Employability II- Advanced Career Awareness

Employability III- Career Development

Student Career Portfolio

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience Mastery Assessment (SKEMA-SC)

Work Experience Toolkit

The purpose of this Work Experience Toolkit is to provide practitioners with useful tools designed to assist with successful implementation of the work experience requirement of the South Carolina High School Credential.

A Guide to Work Experiences

School-Based Enterprises

Student Information Form

TASC Work Experience Resources

Work-Based Agreement/ Employer Evaluation Form

Work Experience Log

SC Career Guidance Best Practices

SC Workforce Development Contacts

SC Workforce Development Contacts

SC Workforce Development Contacts

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